Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Funday

Today I am thankful.  I have a little girl who is wearing incredibly too much pink, coffee is brewing as I type and we're headed out to have breakfast with friends in Davis in an hour.  I'm thankful that when I get home, I have so much housework to do...oh.the.housework!!!  And I'm thankful that I had a nice evening with old friends last night.  Oh, and that I have a doll nestled in the crook of my arm--apparently named Luca today--who is wearing the onesie that was once too big on Abby.  Oh yes, I'm thankful today.  Happy Sunday!  Family Day up in the house, yah!

I may have figured out why my quest for better health gets so easily derailed.  For instance, I often think that it would be awesome to try out a Whole 30 program.  I mean, what would be better?  Clean eating=healthy living, right?  I live in California, the hub of clean eating.  Every bit of fresh vegetable and fruit is readily available to me, easily and somewhat cheap too.

And then I wake up on a sweet Saturday morning with my sweet Abby and all I want is a CUP OF COFFEE.  With CREAMER.  And I know that is not part of the Whole 30.  Not at all.

You see...I have found that I love my daily coffee habit.  And I've found that the one cup of coffee I drink (two on weekends) is a sweet spot in my day.  And it's not Starbucks or Dutch Bros I'm talking about here--it's good ole' Folgers (currently--I'm not even picky) and Vanilla Cinnamon creamer.  It's the combo that puts a soft smile on my face.  Honestly, it's not even the caffeine--I've done decaf before and I don't even have headaches. I'm resigning to the fact that today I won't be starting the Whole 30...again.  And probably, for one more day at least, will stick to my Grandma Boren's theory: the 80/20 rule.  Eat 80% of the time the way you should so you can justify eating 20% of the time like you want.

But a walk today sounds somewhat plausible and definitely needed.  Maybe if I play with the kids at the park...

Once again, happy Sunday!  The day that we use to get ready for the week.  And honestly, one of my favorite days of the week. :)

Note to Colleen: I have to tell you that I am working on housework today because yesterday, instead of doing some of the mental list I've got going, I watched three episodes of New Girl while Abby was napping. :)

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