Friday, August 30, 2013


It's a challenge for me.  To be consistent.  And to accomplish some of the major the things I want to in life, consistency is required.

  • An organized house...consistently put shit away!  Why is that so hard?  Don't I totally agree/subscribe to the idea that everything needs a place.  A place for everything and everything in it's place.
  • Exercise...consistently...umm...JUST DO IT!  I feel great when I exercise.  I have almost immediate results when I get active for any length of time longer than a week because I'm so muscle-ly.  And I know it's good for me.
  • Healthy the groceries, try the recipes, cut the creamer and sugar and bad fat and eat all the veggies and fruits and good fat.  Try the diets to get where you want to be but remind/convince yourself it's NOT A DIET, it's a LIFESTYLE change.
And this blog is a great example.  I love to write.  I can't make sense of journalling for some reason so when blogging became "a thing" I thought, "hey, this might be a good place to get it out of my head."  But I don't make time.  And I should.

And then life gets in the way.  And I LOVE life.  It's fun and crazy and boring and lazy.  All things I need a little bit of.  Monday night...who knows.  Tuesday night...surprise, last-minute Taylor Swift concert (crazy, right?!), Wednesday night...Bella came over last-minute while Heather & Pedro hit back-to-school night, last night...wonderful walk and a daughter not too keen on going to bed.  So here we are...and I haven't done a "Last Words" post since, well, the first one.

Abby and Jason would appreciate me being more consistent, I'm sure.  And I want to be a good partner and mother.  I want to be a role model for Abby and I want Jason to be proud of me.  And while I know that doesn't come from getting wear a badge that says "I'm Consistent," it does/can come from consistently doing the things above.

OK...see...brain dump.  Ugg!

I went for a long walk last night--45 minutes all by myself in the dusk of the was heavenly--and thought a lot about how I can be more for them.  And I think I realized something that I've read over and over.  I need to do it for me.  They will be the secondary beneficiaries.

September 1 is right around the corner.  If you know me, you know I love a starting point.  A jump-off place.  A fresh start.  It's why I love January 1st (hello, king of fresh start days!), August 11th (always start on your birthday), and Fall/September (back to school).

I'm not sure what this is going to look like.  This next "challenge" for myself.  Every one makes me better, stronger, healthier (usually).

I need to join another DietBet because that really worked for me.  And I have a date to work towards--we go to New York March 15th and to be a little lighter by then would be a good thing.  I am loving that my feet are feeling stronger and not hurting and I know that more weight off would only help that.

OK...enough for tonight.
Except for Last Words.
Consistently inconsistent.  Maybe I need a new blog name! :)

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